Five reasons why fish make great pets

For a good reason, keeping fish is a popular choice for pet lovers! They are low maintenance, easy to care for, and can provide a relaxing and calming atmosphere to any living space. Let’s explore why fish make great pets.

a school of guppies in a fish tank
Guppies are great choice as a pet. Timothy Jabez, Flicrk

In this blog post, I will explore why keeping fish as pets can be an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced pet owners.

  1. Low Maintenance. Compared to other pets, fish are relatively low maintenance. They don’t require daily walks, grooming, or litter box clean-up. In addition, feeding them is as simple as sprinkling a few flakes of fish food into the tank. There are also automated feeders and vacation foods available if you go away for a prolonged time. The tank only needs to be cleaned every few weeks, mainly including only partial water change. This makes fish an excellent choice for busy people or those who don’t have much extra time to devote to pet care.
  2. Relaxing and Calming. Observing fish can be relaxing and calming. Studies have shown that watching fish swim can reduce stress and lower blood pressure (for example, here or here, to show just a few). Some people find that having a fish tank in their home or office helps to feel more peaceful and focused.
  3. Educational. Keeping fish as pets can be a great way to teach children about responsibility and the natural world. They can learn about the different types of fish and their habitats and the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for their fish. Watching fish grow and develop over time can also be an educational experience.
  4. Variety. Fish come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. This means there is a fish for everyone, whether you prefer small and colorful guppies or large and exotic angelfish. Some people even enjoy keeping rare and unusual fish as a hobby.
  5. Cost-effective. Keeping fish as pets can be a cost-effective option compared to other pets. While there is an initial investment in a tank and equipment, the ongoing costs are relatively low. Fish food and tank cleaning supplies are relatively inexpensive, and the fish are usually affordable.

Overall, keeping fish as pets can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. They are low-maintenance, relaxing, educational, and cost-effective. A fish tank might be a great choice if you are considering adding a pet to your home or office!





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